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Target Muscles:  Gluteal and leg muscles.

Action Desired:  This exercise grooves a good mechanical pattern for squatting while maintaining the proper lower back curve.  We are often taught to keep our back straight while lifting rather than curved.  This is not mechanically advantageous and risks injury to the lower back ligaments and muscles.

Start Position:  Stand facing close to a wall, with the feet about 2" away from the wall and shoulder width apart, toes vertical to the wall.  Put your hands on the wall high above your head.

Exercise Movements:  Squat with your hands sliding down the wall.  Your buttock should be moving back with your lower back maintaining an arch.  Do not let your knees move together or forward.  At first balance will feel wrong due to gluteal weakness, so only go as far as you can without compromising form.

Repetitions:  10

Times per day:  2-3 sets