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Target Muscles:  Deep lower back core muscle, gluteal and leg muscles

Action Desired:  The exercise is designed to teach you to maintain neutral spine while doing a lunging activity. This especially wakes up the gluteal muscles to work more effectively.

Start Position:  Standing with legs about shoulder with apart and enough room in front of you to stride forward.

Exercise Movements:  Step forward as far as feels comfortable maintaining body weight over the hips. Do not lean forward and load the front leg. Bend the back knee to direct the downward movement, ensuring that the front knee does not go past the toes. Once you are as far down as is comfortable, stride back and then repeat on the opposite side. Lunges can be done backwards as well.

Repetitions:  We recommend 1-3 sets of 10 reps.  Weight can also be added as you become stronger.


Times per day:  1-2 times per day